Ryukyu Lantern

As you walk forth down the heavy cobblestone streets lit by Chinese lanterns on a Ryukyu winter night, a giant, 10-meter king lantern emerges in the distance to greet you.
Looking up at the smaller lanterns hanging from the red tile roofs, sound and image projection mapping weave a romantic depiction of Ryukyu history.
The faint glow of the flower lamps holds your special guests under warm atmosphere.
In addition, there will be outdoor music live and Okinawan street food on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s sure to be a bustling, busy place. Let the food, drinks, and laughter heal you with their power.
It will be an Okinawa night to remember!

Event Period December 1, 2015- February 21, 2016
Open Hours 9AM to 10PM
Lighting Hours 6PM to 10PM
Location Murasakimura
Entry Fee Adults (university students) ・・・・・・・ ¥600
    Jr. high/high school students ・・・・・・・ ¥500
    Children ・・・・・・・ ¥400